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Membership Benefits

Live for mountain adventures? Mountaineers get great personal benefits from joining the BMC.

  • 15% discount in Cotswold Outdoor, Snow+Rock and Runners Need

    Get 15% off Cotswold Outdoor, Snow+Rock and many more retail discounts across the country

  • £15 million Combined Liability insurance 

    Cover yourself for hill walking and mountain activities worldwide

  • BMC Travel Insurance

    You get access to BMC Travel Insurance policies: designed for trekking and high altitude trips worldwide

  • Mountain Training Registration

    You can register for Mountain Training awards such as Mountain Leader and Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

  • £10,000 Personal Accident insurance cover

    As a BMC member, you’re covered for £10,000 of personal accident cover (aged 3 – 80)

  • Summit Magazine

    Get biggest outdoor magazine in the UK. Summit is packed full of mountain inspiration and skills

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Discover why Becky Coles supports the BMC

As mountaineers we value and enjoy the natural environment, but the pursuit of mountaineering can be at odds with its protection. The BMC is working hard to promote sustainable practices and make a strong stand to protect the environment. As an organisation and community it highlights the issues, holds individuals and groups to account, and offers alternatives. I really value the work they are doing in this area.

Becky Coles
Expedition Leader and Mountain Instructor

And by joining 83,000 BMC members, you’ll help us:

Be a powerful voice for all mountaineers

Keeping and gaining crag access through negotiations with landowners

Protect our British mountains and lead environmental sustainability

With our conservation campaigns Mend Our Mountains and The Climate Project

Campaign for improved access to mountains

Through lobbying the government for better access

Provide world-class technical and safety advice

With our skills films and our expert volunteers and staff

Help mountaineers like you improve their skills, confidence and achieve personal ambitions

With our Ready To Rock courses and nationwide affiliated clubs

Keep climbing heritage alive

With our members publication Summit and our charity Mountain Heritage Trust

BMC Membership Benefits

BMC members receive a plethora of discounts on maps, accommodation, gear and huts though our benefits scheme.


Join a mountaineering club

There are hundreds of climbing clubs around England and Wales you can join. Find out more and use our local club finder.


Explore nationwide huts

Book a mountain hut around Britain. As a BMC member you get exclusive access to our three national huts. There are also many huts around Britain that can be used if you are a member of a mountaineering or climbing club.


List of expedition grants

The BMC provides grants for international expeditions. These funds have been split into two separate funding streams. The first is to support British people from under-represented groups going on mountaineering expeditions. The second is to support British people going on innovative high-level mountaineering expeditions.


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