Stone Farm Rocks

About the crag

Stone Farm Rocks in West Sussex is a pleasant crag with a lovely outlook across the rolling countryside near East Grinstead. It was acquired from the Gravetye Estate in 2001 and is the BMC’s closest site to London.

Stone Farm Rocks on RAD

The BMC's Regional Access Database is the source of the most up to date access advice for climbers in England and Wales.


Southern Sandstone Code of Practice

Protect Southern Sandstone while enjoying its unique, esoteric climbing. The BMC have produced a booklet giving advice on how to minimise your impact whilst climbing on Southern Sandstone. This booklet tells you everything you need to know for a great day out on Sandstone whilst looking after the rock for current and future generations.


Southern Sandstone Skills Films Playlist

The fragility of southern sandstone crags means that climbers need to take extra care to protect and preserve them for the future. Our series of short films shows some of the special skills and considerations needed when climbing on southern sandstone.


WATCH: Southern Sandstone Bouldering

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