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What is OutdoorHer?

This resource is for everyone who is looking to learn more about managing periods and menopause in the outdoors, from participants to leaders and allies. It has been created with inclusion in mind and we hope that it helps to support and improve adventures for all, speaking to a range of issues that have often been overlooked.

Inspired by conversations with walkers, climbers and leaders about managing their periods and the menopause when out in the wild, BMC and Mountain Training have created some simple ‘how to’ guides about toileting, periods, menopause and kit.

Podcast Episode: Plus sizes and Good Kit

In this episode of Finding Our Way, we sit down with Steph Wetherell, co-founder of Every Body Outdoors, a group campaigning for better representation, clothing and gear for larger and plus-sized bodies in the UK outdoors. We talk about sizest attitudes, why seeing plus size people represented by brands and media is so important, and how clothes and kit can be more inclusive.

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Resources coming soon:

  • Pregnancy
  • Women's nutrition
  • Injuries