BMC Campaigns

From footpath repair, to organised litter picks on the hills, to rallying members to write to their MPs asking for the removal of the sale of disposable BBQs, we have a great range of campaigns to get behind. Find out more about our active campaigns, and why they're making a difference to the British hills you love.

Make a real difference

Our campaigns our fuelled by donations from members and organisations. All money donated to the Access and Conservation Trust - the BMC's registered charity - goes into facilitating conservation and education projects across England and Wales.

  • Mend Our Mountains

    The BMC’s Mend Our Mountains campaign encourages everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain to donate and protect the place they love. It’s come a long way from our very first, ‘one-off’ crowdfunding drive in 2016. Since then we’ve raised close to a million pounds, and we’re set to raise even more in the coming years.

  • The Climate Project

    The Climate Project is a collection of nature-based solutions brought to you by the BMC, which are helping to protect and restore nature, and address the climate and biodiversity crisis. We are working with Moors For the Future and Seagrass Ocean Rescue to raise money for their restoration projects, and will be providing members with the opportunity to help plant Sphagnum in the Peak District and Seagrass along the North Wales coast.

  • Respect The Wild

    Are you planning on escaping the crowds and staying out in the wild overnight? Whether you're wild camping or vanning here are some golden rules to make sure you respect the wild.

  • Hills 2 Oceans

    Our Hills 2 Oceans (H2O) campaign is calling on everyone to get involved in a litter pick to help remove as much litter and plastic from our hills, mountains and crags as possible so it doesn’t end up in our oceans.

  • No Moor BBQs

    Each year, moorland fires have a devastating effect on wildlife, livestock and people, and can often destroy the underlying peat that is crucial in our fight against climate change. Worldwide, peatland contains more than 550 gigatonnes of carbon, twice as much carbon as all of the world’s forests.

    We’re calling on government to make the use of disposable barbecues on open moorland a criminal offence with a severe penalty attached for anyone in breach of this.

  • Wales Environment Link

    We're part of a network of environmental, countryside and heritage non-governmental organisations working across Wales to ensure a thriving Welsh environment for future generations.

    WEL supports its members in engaging with the Welsh Government and Parliament, and helps them to work together to develop effective environmental policy and practice.