Wild Horizons Podcast

The BMC’s hillwalking podcast, Wild Horizons sets its sights on our experiences of moving through the uplands and wild places of Britain. In each episode we will choose a mountain, a range, a ridge, a path or a feature and talk to someone who both knows and loves that place. Then we dig in. Dig in to find the vibe of the place, dig into its history, its weather, its nature, its place names. Talk about the guest’s favourite walks and favourite places - the honey pots, the secret spots and lots more beside.

Wild Horizons is all about that magic of a big day out in the hills coming exhausted down the final slopes towards the village as the winter’s day turns dark; feeling the salt air blowing in on a wild coastal path; snatching an hour is some wild woodland along peaty streams to clear a day of work from the head; tramping fast along a limestone upland with a backpack full of gear and a wild bivi spot in mind; racing downhill off a purple August fellside hoping the pub is still doing food. That’s what the Wild Horizons podcast celebrates

The podcast seeks to connect with the mountains in our past and in our futures. It seeks to conjure up the feeling we all remember when being in these special places and also to inspire our days out when freedom returns.

Hopefully Wild Horizons will be like meeting an old friend, as well as putting new ones on the map. So have a look for it on your favourite podcast app. Tune in and join the vibe.

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