Annual General Meeting

7pm Wednesday 12th June 2024 | Held virtually

The BMC holds an AGM for the purpose of presenting and adopting annual reports and accounts, appointing auditors and electing members of the Board of Directors.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of the British Mountaineering Council (Company) will be held electronically at 19:00 on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

The 2024 AGM is being held entirely online. The decision to return to an online AGM was driven by three factors:

  1. Participation - The second largest attendance of an AGM in the last 10 years was in 2020 (our first online AGM).  It is hoped that by returning online many more members will be able to attend the AGM than are able to attend in person.
  2. Cost - A physical AGM costs circa £25k, whereby an online AGM is £7-£12k.
  3. Effective use of funds - The savings are being put towards fully supporting physical Area meetings, area festivals and other member focused events.


It would be fantastic to see as many of our valued members as possible join us. All Voting Members will have the option to join the online AGM. Details from our elections services provider will follow.

If you are a member, or you know of a member, who does not have access to the necessary technology to attend the virtual AGM or access the voting website, then you can email our company secretary ( to request a hard copy proxy voting paper.  Please do this as soon as possible, as the form will need to be returned to the office by 13 May 2024 (two weeks ahead of registration deadline).

Drop-in Discussions

Directly following the concluded formalities of the AGM, we will be giving members another opportunity to engage in discussions with the board of directors. This informal session will have no fixed agenda. All attendees are welcome to leave when the AGM closes, or stay around for these discussions.

If there are any specific topics you would like to raise and/or discuss, please submit them by emailing to To allow us to answer as many as possible, we would ask that you limit your questions to a maximum of three per person, and submit three days prior, to allow us to gather the information requested.

Any Voting member of the BMC may submit a resolution to be considered at the AGM provided that the Voting Member:

  • is aged 18 years or over at the date of the meeting (16.1.1.); and
  • has paid any subscription fee due and payable to the Company (16.1.2.)

Albeit there is no explicit timeline to submit a resolution before the closing date, to allow the practical elements of the resolution proposition, we strongly recommend resolutions are submitted at least 14 days (Saturday 13 April 2024) prior to the resolutions submission deadline to ensure members have the maximum time possible to support a resolution by completing the form.

Once the resolution has been received by the Governance and Compliance Manager, a webform will be set up, which sets out the resolution, provides a hyperlink to the more substantive document (if applicable), and allows members to give their support.

The deadline to submit and vote on a resolution is 45 days (Saturday 27 April 2024) prior to the AGM.

More information on resolutions can be found in this AGM Resolutions document.

Note: The 2024 threshold for 0.5% member support of a resolution to be added to the agenda is 382 votes.

Once received, all resolutions links will be added here by 15th April 2024.

Note: Voting here is purely for supporting the resolution being put in front of the members at the AGM. It is not voting on the resolution itself at this stage.

All upcoming vacancies will be listed on our website, along with information on how to apply and deadlines to do so. Certain roles will be voted upon as part of the AGM.

GO TO: BMC Vacancies

At a General Meeting and AGM, every Voting Member shall have one vote, to be cast by the Voting Member either personally or by proxy, provided that the Voting Member:

  • is aged 18 years or over at the date of the meeting (16.1.1.); and
  • has paid any subscription fee due and payable to the Company (16.1.2.)

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, Associate Members, Non-voting Individual Members and Affiliated Clubs (as entities) shall not be entitled to vote (16.2.)

Civica Election Services Limited (CES) will be administering all the voting, including proxy voting, for the AGM.

The voting emails will be sent out after 27 May 2024 once registration has closed.

If a member can’t attend, they can still vote by appointing another person (proxy) to vote on their behalf, this can be a member or a non-member.

Further details on how to vote, including appointing a proxy, will be set out in the voting guide, which will be released before registration closes.

If a member has changed their email address since last year’s AGM, or hasn’t provided the BMC with an email address, please get in touch with – to tell us as soon as possible and before 13 May 2024 (two weeks ahead of registration deadline). This will assist us in ensuring we are able to send voting details.

Various documents will be added below in due course, listed below is an indication of information that will be provided by 27 May 2024.

  • Annual Governance Statement*
  • Minutes from previous AGM
  • Annual Accounts
  • Annual Report
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Resolutions proposed
  • Appointment/Election of Directors

*Note: As a Tier 3 Sport England funded organisation, we are bound by the Code for Sports Governance. One of the requirements is to produce an annual governance statement.  It isn’t being voted on at the AGM, it is for information only.

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Members Open Forum Webinar Series

As part of our ongoing commitment in creating new opportunities for members to keep up to date with BMC news and activities we are running a series of Members Open Forum webinars. There are two forums prior to the AGM. Find out more about how to register and the deadline for question submissions.