Finding Our Way Podcast

Welcome to Finding Our Way, our new podcast to champion walkers, climbers and mountaineers from diverse backgrounds. We want to diversify the people we normally hear talking about the outdoors, celebrate their stories, shine a light on their insights, and create a place for discussion, inclusion and practical advice. Berghaus proudly sponsors the Finding Our Way Podcast.

Hosted by expedition leader and equity champion Cress Allwood, and the BMC’s hill walking ambassador and broadcaster, Mary-Ann Ochota, each guest explains the highs, the lows and the most surprising things they’ve learned from their adventures.

We talk to the people who are passionate about walking climbing and mountaineering, but also who have more to say. What about climbing the North Face of the Eiger whilst also managing Crohn's disease as well? What about having your period as you summit an 8,000m peak? What about organising a hiking group but not using the word hiking in case you put people off?

“Finding Our Way plays such an important role in bringing the big conversations to as broad an audience as possible. Expect good chat, memorable stories and bursts of inspiration.”

Andy Syme
BMC President

Finding Our Way's guests are as diverse as the outdoors should be

Former Chair of the BMC Equity Steering Group and co-host of the podcast, Cress Allwood, puts it: “We need diverse role models – it’s the old saying that ‘you need to see it to be it’. So we’re giving voice to a broad array of walkers, climbers and mountaineers – not just professionals, but everyday, accessible people.”

And co-host and broadcaster Mary-Ann Ochota says: "Finding Our Way is all about interesting people who are passionate about hills, mountains and walls. We tackle issues around diversity and inclusion – how to make clubs more welcoming, for example, or ways to improve urban access to wild places, or travel ethically. But we also celebrate the straightforward passion our guests have for the outdoors. That’s inspiring, and it’s been an absolute joy to interview them."

Finding Our Way Season One

Finding Our Way Season Two