News Access and Conservation news Crag and Upland Restoration Fund: invitation for applications 2023

Crag and Upland Restoration Fund: invitation for applications 2023

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The fund will provide small grants of £250 to £1000 to help local climbers and walkers undertake practical work on crags and upland areas to improve access, promote nature conservation and enhance the overall environment.

We’re hoping this will get work days and volunteer led practical projects off-the-ground, and generate real improvements to sites across the country. The fund is available to individuals and clubs using our online form. Potential projects must be discussed with local BMC Access Reps in advance of submitting applications. The BMC Access Team will assess applications and notify applicants shortly after this date.

BMC Crag & Upland Restoration Fund online application form

The scope of fundable projects has been left deliberately broad and we are hoping for a good geographical spread across England and Wales. Please note that this does not extend to work on BMC owned land (which is funded by the BMC’s Land & Property Trust) or to the equipping / re-equipping of crags with bolts. The one caveat is where lower-offs or abseil stations may be needed for genuine access or conservation reasons e.g. to reduce damage to important cliff top habitats.

We have produced a guidance document giving further advice and we encourage applicants to read this before starting. We’re aware some ideas may need further discussion so in this case please email to speak to one of the access team.

We look forward to receiving your applications.