Outdoor Kit Guide For Women
Over the past decade, women's outdoor clothing has made leaps and bounds from the ‘shrink it and pink it’ years, where women's clothing was made smaller and pinker. Brands are now delivering features tailored to a woman's physique. From specific materials that make you feel great to sizing and style options to boost confidence, let's dive into the details.
06 Dec
Managing your period in the outdoors
Planning outdoor adventures comes with lots of preparation and adding a period into the mix can be one more thing to think about. While not everyone will be up for a hike or a climb on their period, if you are preparing for your next trip in the good company of menstrual blood, here’s what to do.
23 Nov
Resources for Leaders: Supporting people who are menstruating in the outdoors
We've gathered our list of resources for leaders who supporting people who are menstruating in the outdoors.
10 Nov
Toileting in the wild
When out for the day it is likely you will need to go to the toilet at some point. Whether it be for ones and twos or refreshing period products, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know to be prepared. Things can get tricky out there so we will run through the ideal options through to the less ideal but sometimes necessary options when it comes to toileting. Wherever you can try to focus on what will have the least impact and do as much as possible to leave no trace.
10 Nov
Ticks & How To Deal With Them
While a bite is generally harmless, it is possible that ticks carry and transmit diseases to humans. Stack the odds in your favour by knowing how to reduce the likelihood of a bite, and how to safely remove a tick.
05 Apr
Ten Things You Need To Know Before You Go Hill Walking In Winter
If you’ve enjoyed walking in summer and want to continue through the winter, here are ten things you need to know before you go.
01 Feb
What Is Scrambling?
If you’re keen to make the transition from hill walker to scrambler, we set out the basics to get you started:
01 Feb
Into The Hills: A Guide For New Hill Walkers
The British hills offer beauty, challenge and adventure, as well as the opportunity to keep fit and healthy. Find out more in this BMC booklet.
31 Jan
Multi Day Hill Walking & Backpacking
What’s better than a day in the hills? Easy – several days! Here are our tips for walkers looking to take their first steps into walking far and sleeping enroute.
31 Jan
Hill Walking In Winter: Do I Need Crampons?
Points to consider if you're wondering ‘Do I need crampons for walking in winter?’
31 Jan
Hill Walking In Winter
Hill walking in winter covers a spectrum of difficulty and technicality, take a look at winter walking options, and what you’ll need to consider when choosing a route.
31 Jan
Navigation: Map Basics
Being able to read a map and find your way around the hills is an essential skill for all hill walkers, and practice is the real key.
31 Jan
What To Do In A Hill Walking Emergency
Know what to do if you have an emergency in the British hills.
31 Jan
Emergency Equipment
Whilst emergencies are a rare occurrence in the hills, there are a few pieces of equipment that can make a massive difference if they do happen. 
31 Jan
Navigation: A Few Navigation Techniques
This article outlines a few navigation techniques you can practise to stack the odds in your favour in poor visibilty and severe weather. 
31 Jan
Navigation: Pinpoint Your Location
Pinpointing your exact location is one of the most basic and important skills when hill walking. This article outlines a number of ways to do just that: 
31 Jan
What To Wear & What To Take When Hill Walking
Hill walking doesn’t require as much specialist equipment as many other outdoor activities, but is important to have the appropriate equipment for the route and activity you have chosen and the weather forecasted. In this article we outline the basic equipment every hill walker needs:
31 Jan