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Volunteer Week: Could you Get Stuck In?


This week is Volunteering Week 3 - 9 June so why not get involved with one of the many BMC volunteering opportunities? There are loads to choose from, including helping out at climbing competitions, leading hill walks at events and litter picking nationwide, planting seagrass in Wales, repairing footpaths in the Lake District and restoring peat bogs in the Peak District.

We welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds, ages and experience levels. Some of the events are more physically demanding than others - if you would prefer a less intense experience take a look at the climbing competition opportunities, and sphagnum planting is also easy work if you have basic fitness levels for a short walk on to the moors. The most physically demanding are the footpath repair projects.

All the work is led by a National Trust Ranger or other qualified professional, so all you really need is enthusiasm and a love of the outdoors.

If you would like to be involved, please take a look at all our volunteer opportunities here, and sign up to current events on Volunteero.

What's volunteering like?

And don’t take our word for it, here’s Ellie Bunn a BMC volunteer on the Get Stuck In project with Fix the Fells this April in Wasdale, Lake District:

How did you find out about the Get Stuck In event?

In the BMC’s Summit magazine. Fix the Fells is an organisation I’ve wanted to be involved with for a few years now, so this Get Stuck In x Fix the Fells collaboration event was the perfect opportunity. I'm already signed up for an August one in Langdale too.

What made you sign up?

Desire to care for the fells I love, meet like minded outdoorsy people, do some physical work (to counteract my desk job!).

What work did you do and why?

We extended a drainage gully on one of the main paths up to Scafell Pike via Lingmell. The path had been eroded on the down-side edge. We needed to stop people walking so far off the path as well as improve drainage. We dug huge holes, moved microwave-size stones and positioned them tightly together. We filled the gaps with little stones, then gravel. We then landscaped and turfed the edges to keep people on the path.

Who showed you what to do?

We had a Fix the Fells ranger and a seasoned Fix the Fells volunteer with every team.

Ellie helping to dig out the drainage gully near Scafell Pike

How hard was it compared to hiking?

Much harder! I'm not used to digging and using mattocks (similar to a pickaxe) and manhandling rocks. The muscles in my hands were the first to notice the work.

What did you like best?

I really liked the physical work and making a positive difference to the fell, but my favourite aspect was meeting cool people and spending time as group with a common goal.

What were the other people like in the group?

Friendly! Lots of different backgrounds, range of ages. However, it would have been nice to have more women and ethnicities other than white.

Why volunteer for the BMC?

The BMC do great work advocating for walkers etc and I want to be part of it. Volunteering like this is a good way in.

Why would you encourage others to Get Stuck In?

Absolutely! I'm definitely doing another event and have already recommended it to my friends!

Volunteer with the BMC here!

If you can't spare the time to volunteer, you can support the BMC's access and conservation work with a donation to the Access & Conservation Trust here.

The BMC Access and Conservation Trust currently funds two fantastic projects - Mend Our Mountains and The Climate Project, both vitally important for hikers, mountaineers, climbers, the environment and the wild places we love to escape to. Mend Our Mountains is an award-winning campaign which has raised a total of £1.4 million since its creation in 2016 to repair Britain’s hills and mountains. The Climate Project is a collection of UK-based solutions helping to address the climate and biodiversity crisis.