How to stay at club huts

How to stay at club huts

Climbing club huts in the UK are great places to stay. They are often well located for climbing and walking, and they will often be full of friendly, like minded people. They may be a great source of local information and advice. Some huts are very modern and full of all the latest gadgets (some even have wi-fi!), whilst others are pretty basic, but nevertheless warm and cosy.

If you are an individual BMC member, then you will have access to the three BMC huts, but if you are a BMC Club Member, you will have access to more. Each club has their own rules and you should check your eligibility before you go ahead and book.

Hut equipment

Huts are equipped with beds or bunks. If details are not given in the list, it is advisable to check with the hut booking secretary regarding fuel, blankets and cooking facilities. Users of the huts should take their own food and a sleeping bag; it's wise to check with the hut warden or booking secretary to see what else you might need to take.

How to book

If you wish to book a hut, make sure you contact the Booking Secretary in good time. Some clubs insist that hut bookings should be made by the secretary of the club wishing to use the hut. If possible the Club Secretary should make the request in writing.

To find out where the huts are and who to contact, go to our hut listings page.

Fair treatment of huts

Members who stay at these huts do so by courtesy of the club concerned and are under an obligation to keep the hut clean and tidy. Failure to do this would bring the list and the entire arrangement into disrepute. In particular, visitors should adhere to the rules exhibited in the hut, or otherwise made known to them, and the methods of payment that are accepted.

Scottish huts

The Scottish Huts list can be found here. The directory contains up-to-date information concerning huts and how to book.

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