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Multi Day Hikes


Multi day hikes offer a chance to really get away from it all, leaving the everyday routine behind for the simplicity of moving on foot, focusing only on your basic needs of food and water, warmth and a place to sleep. The variety of landscapes and routes around the UK mean you can match your trip to your own interests. Bivvy wherever you find yourself, aim for a bothy, stay at a campsite or walk from pub to pub knowing you’ll arrive at a warm welcome and a hot shower. The options are endless!

Multi day walks involve being completely self-sufficient and carrying everything you need for the day and night, or multiple days and nights depending on your route. Hill walking across multiple days can be an immensely rewarding experience, it can also be extremely challenging, testing your endurance and your kit. A well-planned trip has a much higher chance of being successful and enjoyable.

There are lots of great resources online and in guidebooks that will help your research. If you’re looking for solitude, in the wilds of Scotland it’s possible to travel across country for days without seeing another person. At the other end of the spectrum, there are a number of long-distance paths around the UK which are generally well-walked and relatively close to facilities like shops, pubs, campsites or BNBs. These national trails are a great place to start if you’re planning a multi-day walk. You don’t have to tackle the whole route - choose a section to suit the time you have available and the distance you’d like to cover. Some of the most popular walks include Wainwright’s Coast To Coast, West Highland Way, Cambrian Way, South West Coast Path and the Pennine Way.

Plan the route well in advance and know where you’re planning to stay each night. Make a kit list so you’re sure you’ll have everything you need. If you’re new to multi day hiking consider starting with a shorter trip. Sometimes the best laid plans can be more difficult than anticipated due to unpredictable terrain and weather, so identify some alternative options, just in case.

Once you know where you want to go you can plot your route on a map. You might like to mark key spots, draw a line along the path you’ll be taking, or use an app like OS Maps which has a plotting tool built in. Apps also allow you to see distance, elevation and an estimation of the time it would take to walk the route. Be aware though that the time estimates for walks made through an app aren’t always accurate, especially if you’ll be carrying a heavy pack. It’s good to have an idea of how long you and your group take to walk, on different terrain and on uphill stretches. You’ll also need to plan in regular breaks for drinks and snacks, checking your location and re-grouping so you can stick together if you’re walking as a group.

Finally, always check the mountain weather forecast before you head out!

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