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Outdoor First Aid Training


Although rare, sometimes incidents involving people with serious injuries or illnesses do happen. Usually these people will not be able to walk back to safety and the main priority will be to keep them as safe, warm and stable as possible until help arrives. Undoubtedly the most useful thing to have in these situations is training in first aid and basic life support.

Outdoor First Aid courses cover topics including how to assess a situation and casualty, airway, breathing and circulation assessments, emergency resuscitation, and safe airway position along with treatment of severe bleeding and shock, major injuries, breaks and fractures and environmental injuries such as hypothermia and hyperthermia.

If you have never learned these skills, or were taught them many years ago, consider taking a course like those taught by Rescue Emergency Care or Wilderness Medical Training. You don’t need to be an experienced doctor or nurse to carry out some of the basic procedures which will hugely improve the chances of a very sick person before the emergency services can reach you. Simple things like learning how to keep an unconscious person's airway open can mean the difference between life and death.